Alison Hirukawa: The Insane Future of Gene Editing – EP. 173

About This Episode:

Alison Hirukawa, PhD is the Co-founder and CEO of DropGenie. DropGenie is a groundbreaking start-up in the tech bio space making gene editing cheaper and lowering the amount of donor cells required.

They’ve made a little plastic tray not much larger than the size of a playing card that makes molecular surgery affordable and scalable.

The card itself looks like a maze, where a single droplet can be moved from one square to another via a revolutionary system of electric gates, which means that they can miniaturize experiments using way less input material, down to a single droplet scale.

This is truly at the very cutting edge of technology that will soon impact us all, as gene editing has the ability to cure a range of genetic diseases by directly manipulating our DNA.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this episode, soon this tech will improve all of our lives.

Full Audio:

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