The Game-changer of Urban Beekeeping- Ep. 47

BEEING Video Interview:

My guest today is not one, but THREE people from Beeing, an Italian start-up revolutionizing the way bees are kept and tracked.

As it turns out, bees are so much more remarkable than we’ve ever known, and I think you’ll agree after this episode that this small company, founded by Roberto Pasi and Gabriele Garavini are really setting about doing something worthwhile.

You might have heard that we are facing a global crisis when it comes to bees. Bees pollinate our crops, and their health is directly tied to our health in a myriad of ways.

In this episodes, we discuss how their groundbreaking invention and work in the world of urban beekeeping can help the planet. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of their products and to start making my own urban honey!


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5:54 – “So the idea was to have something really new that didn’t exist before to create a new experience with the bees. And also something that really fit with the urban situation and environment in order to make… the city tomorrow comfortable for the bees.”

10:23 – “Maybe a farmer without bees can kind of reduce his production up to 70 percent. So maybe the wind too can pollinate a bit, but it’s not really the same. …it’s also a really big economy problem.”

14:09 – “I started thinking, ‘Oh, if I change the hive by adding glass on this side, if I maybe make it higher, if I if I add a chimney, maybe it’s safer.’”

15:40 – “We are trying to reach more and more people to create a real community—a community of responsible urban beekeepers, because we believe that that’s the only way for people to raise awareness on this topic. So for us, education is a mandatory and a priority.”

21:38 – “…it highly varies from the area and from a lot of like several weather conditions and temperature, humidity and so on. So it’s hard to say, but on average you can harvest up to 20 kilos of honey per year. So quite a lot.”

22:49 – “I think that Indiegogo, first of all, and crowdfunding in general help you create a community, and that’s really amazing because people around the world start looking at your project and start to trust you.”

28:18 – “So it’s been found that the urban honey is better, not just because it doesn’t have the chemicals and the pesticides of the field (the suburban areas), but above all, it has a way higher level of biodiversity. Because in the cities, in the parks and the gardens and balconies, there’s a lot more variety of flowers and plants.”

32:04 – “[b-secure is] a really small IOT device that you put into the beehive, so into the frame itself, that attracts multiple things. So first of all, the GPS location, temperature, humidity and we are currently working on devices that also track the sound of the bees. So they listen to the sound of the bees and translate it into useful information for beekeepers and also farmers.”

40:24 – “It’s really important to to make people aware of the bees and aware of their role. So that’s why we’re also focusing so much on education and training.”

45:48 – “You can be the main problem for your startup if you never let go, if you never start. And if you want to, you really can fight. It’s not hard to find the money. It’s not hard to find. And if you really believe in the project, you can share it just telling it to other people. For sure you will find somebody that says ‘OK’.”

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