Candice Smith: From $6 to a Thriving PR Business – EP. 182

About This Episode:

Have you ever gone from just a few dollars in your bank account to a thriving business? Or maybe you have less than you’d like in the bank right now, and you’re feeling lost, hopeless, or unsure if there’s any way out for you.

Well today’s guest Candice Smith was there, just three short years ago. Today? She has a thriving PR business, and she’s been featured in Glamour, Good Morning America, Forbes, and a lot of other places that are a lot cooler and more influential than this show.

Umm. But please don’t stop listening. Just… uhh, strike that last remark from the record.

I wanted to showcase this story because it represents a very real, practical transformation that so many people who are struggling right now can make, and it’s a prime example of the power of entrepreneurship and determination to change the arc of our life when things aren’t working out the way we want them to.

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