Canyon Castator: Independent Artist and Entrepreneur – Ep. 19

Canyon Castator is an enigma wrapped in a mystery packed in a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.

He is a successful independent artist, which also makes him a successful entrepreneur. His story is so inspiring, because he’s taken a passion and turned it into not only a thriving career for himself, but he’s also built his own co-working space where he helps bring up other artists in Downtown LA as well.

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Ep. 19 – Canyon Castator Show Highlights:

2:51 – “I actually don’t produce that much work. I usually do about one exhibition a year.”

4:14 – “If if you’re an artist and you’re making a living doing what you’re doing, or if you’re a maker and making a living, you’re in the top one percent of makers or artists.”

10:26 – “There are a lot of galleries that try to find artists as young as possible – easily influenced and swayed to do this show or this show, but they were still very standoffish.”

12:39 – “As much as you have to think about the work you’re making as an artist, I think you also have to think about your business model. And that’s not romantic.”

15:34 – “I was in New Zealand visiting my stepmother’s family, and I got a call around New Year’s, and they said they wanted to do a solo show and and they gave me a year or a year and change to prepare for that. So that was my first show. For an artist, I feel like your first solo exhibition is a really big deal. Who gives it to you, where it’s at, what time of year it is…”

22:30 – “I think if anything feel more like an organizer of images and different kinds of visual languages, more than a cultivator of one.”

“If I like something, I earmark it and think like, ’how the fuck can I personalize this or utilize this in like an image? And what does this image actually mean? And how can I mold it into a larger ensemble of images?”

28:26 – “I would have quit doing anything artistic at all if I had gone to school. I barely made it through high school. I actually don’t have any proof that I ever graduated.”

39:57 – “We were able to, instead of like creating little white-collar prisons that people locked themselves into, [they could] walk into some kind of open-air community centered around this building, which I think is really important, especially for young artists.”

41:13 – “A business would move out, and we’d just take over the lease – do the exact same thing like step and repeat. Each floor is kind of designed differently. There are definitely some units that are more private, some units that are a little bit more open, and it’s just completely transformed the feeling of the building.”

45:36 – “I always kind of thought that this professor that invited me to… come and sit in on his class and participate in Dusseldorf –  he was very smart because he was basically just using his class as a think tank, a sounding board.”

48:50 – “I would say if you want to go to school, go to school in Europe.”

52:24 – “Making art is about living a life worth making art about.”

58:21 – “The purest form of belief in my mind is just… the acceptance of one’s own ignorance.”

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