Beat the Often Path

Beat the Often Path Podcast

Dustin Feider: Founder of O2 Treehouse – Ep. 78

“How much are you willing to give up – of stability or lifestyle or whatever it is… in pursuit of the thing that you prize the most? Your focus, the thing that you feel in your gut that you have to be doing. It brings you to a place of just feeling thrilled and excited, almost regardless of the monetary reward from it.”

Marina Tran-Vu: Founder of EQUO Plastic-Free Utensils – Ep. 77

“I started EQUO, which is a sustainable brand that provides 100% plastic-free and compostable solutions for everyday single-use plastic items…We started off with straws made out of different materials like grass, rice, coconut, sugar cane, and coffee, and then we’ve also branched out into utensils and dishware and bags as well. The goal is to replace anything that is single-use plastic.”

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