Chongor Goncz: On Building an Award-winning YouTube Show – Ep. 26

Chongor Goncz was responsible for running and building the award-winning YouTube show, Pensado’s Place, for many years, doing hundreds of episodes. This show has long been THE staple of the audio engineering world, and it has achieved impressive notoriety.

Chongor is a multi-talented digital expert – he’s a music producer, an audio engineer, and videographer, editor, show producer and so much more. 

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Ep. 26 – Chongor Goncz

5:34 – “I had been watching it [Pensado’s Place] religiously. Well, by the stroke of the universe – whatever all of this is – the show that I was consuming online now move to the Art Institute where I was going to school and was filming there weekly.”

12:24 – “Pensado’s Place was one of the first [shows] to really kind of unveil the curtain, to reveal the secrets and really just put all of these craftsmen and women on the map.”

20:46 – “If you want that supreme kind of quality, all of the little details matter. And ultimately, that’s how we get the final product.”

24:08 – “I think it’s probably a personal point of pride and ego, probably. On one hand, you can just be like, ‘OK cool, let’s get the bare minimum deliverables. Let’s set up like a baseline. And as long as we hit the baseline that we’re good and then move on to the next.’ And many people do that. But maybe because I grew up with photography and Photoshop and just nerding out on colors, that if my name was attached to it and I was putting so much effort into it, I wanted to make sure that I saw the whole process through.”

33:59 – “Give yourself more time than you anticipate. And once you give yourself enough time on a lot of occasions, then you kind of feel like, ‘OK, this will be a lot more streamlined.’ In the beginning, you definitely want to give yourself more time. It’s OK to make mistakes. It’s all a learning process and you’re laughing about them after the fact.”

35:38 – “Just being nice to people, generally being interested about them, making them laugh… I feel like a lot of doors open in life just by being like a good person and having energy that people naturally gravitate towards.”

58:17 – “Make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about. Make sure that you generally enjoy it, not just something that you think would be cool, because otherwise you’re not going to have the same attention to detail.”

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