Christie Lagally, Founder of Rebellyous Foods – Ep. 74

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About Christie Lagally & Rebellyous Foods:

Christie Lagally’s path toward starting a company should be deeply inspiring for anyone who cares about our planet.

With a background in Aerospace Engineering, working at Boeing and other top-tier firms, Christie decided to put her brilliance and global perspective to work on tackling the problem of processed food and industrial food production. She used her expertise to create innovative new machinery that will make it fundamentally easier to scale plant-based chicken alternatives with her company, Rebellyous Foods. If you know me at all, you’ll know how excited I am to hear her story. She has truly Beaten the Often Path.

Full Unedited Audio Conversation:

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5:44 – “…yogurt is heavily, heavily processed, but it is not often considered a processed food, and trust me, it does not come out of the cow tasting like strawberries” 

7:45 – “the micronutrient profile for plant-based products is an order of magnitude better than the meat products that we are working to replace.

8:15 – “But then there’s the wider issue of the planet. Better for the planet, better, less, considerably less CO2 emissions as a result, and better for the animals.”

15:30 – “So obviously it’s better for the animals, it’s better for our health, for people who have family members who are suffering from chronic diseases that are often preventable or they can even mitigate the impacts of them.” 

16:42 – “We are designing new production equipment to make plant-based meat faster, better and cheaper, and then launching that equipment to bring down the cost of making these products so that Rebellyous products can be available and affordable for everyone” 

19:46 – “we say at Rebellyous foods that you have to build the change you want to see in the world.”

21:50 – “…as a person of no level of wealth, I had to find a way to both fund the company and fund it sufficiently so that I could, you know, keep a roof over my head and feed my dogs.”

23:36 – “So, the fundability of a company obviously comes from a great idea, the ability to execute that idea, the ability to show that it will be profitable at some point in the near future” 

36:52 – “I find that more and more, as you can fill your time with things that you are genuinely passionate about, and that can genuinely help you, essentially make change outside ourselves for a better world and for a better community, we are filled up in different ways.”

39:30 – “And that’s probably one of the most exciting things about working at Rebellyous, for me, and what I’ve heard from others at Rebellyous, is that they’re achieving more than they would ever thought possible in their careers and certainly whatever they thought possible for making an impact in the world.”

49:40 – “The opportunity to find people who can think outside the box and who are passionate about things, even when they get hard, and are willing to do things differently, even when it might be harder, it first goes hand in hand with diversity.” 

51:03  – “So we’re fundamentally going to change the structure of making plant-based meat, and I believe that comes from the diversity and strength of our workforce.”

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