Connor Clerx: Reporter for Dutch National Radio Station – Ep. 16

Connor Clerx is a reporter for Dutch national radio station BNR. He’s had a lifelong passion for radio, making his first appearance on local airwaves as a teenager. Now he’s worked his way up the ranks to be the on-air talent for a major radio station, where he is heard by tens of thousands of listeners daily.

We get into this fascinating line of work in this episode, and you can learn more about how one can become a radio presenter. Most importantly you get to listen to a professional at work!

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Ep. 16 – Connor Clerx Show Highlights

2:04 – “My job is, you know, every morning I go to work and I walk into a studio and I talk to tens of thousands of people in a little room with just guys I know. And that’s really strange in a way.”

7:35 – “So I come up with a story and I try and find a way to get the presenters as interested in this story as I am, you know. So I try and  tell a story basically and still give you the facts that you need to know and the information that you need to know and try and get people to understand really why this is important, why I’m telling them this.”

14:50 “It’s just this magic in radio. And I was always drawn to it.”

16:27 “They were willing to give me a um, just a little freelance gig for a two or three weeks. And the moment I got in I thought, ‘All right, I have my foot in the door now. So I’m going to work like crazy and make sure that they want to keep me.’ And yeah, three weeks turned into a couple of months and a couple months turned into three and a half years.”

24:31 – “Being a quick talker and then having the energy of a live show, all of a sudden you’re just going on and on and on and on and on and on and on. And nobody’s really listening to what you’re saying, because you’re just so quick and you’re just boom. This is my story. And, you know, you want to avoid that. You want to sort of be in a relaxed place and be able to just tell your story and then stick to your own voice, stick to what feels good for you.”

35:06 – “I’m often more interested in the reaction, like the decision makers. So CEOs of companies or politicians, parliamentarians, people like that, reacting to the news and doing the interview about something as opposed to newspapers that often really do some brilliant work in uncovering facts that were previously unknown.”

45:53 “I can spend a half day trying to make something sound just right and playing it over different speakers and making sure, thinking about: ‘OK, I’m mixing this on headphones and then taking it upstairs to a monitor so I can actually hear what it is’. And then completely forgetting that 99.9% of my listeners are going to hear it through a car stereo in a Fiat.”

53:50 “You can buy the most expensive camera in the world, but if your eyes aren’t working, you’re going to take a crap picture.”

59:04 “My goal right now is to get better. And I don’t care what shape – what form that takes. I just want to do work and grow. And everything is so unpredictable, you never know which door is going to open.”

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