Deniz Kent: CEO of a Mind-blowing BioTech Company That’s Raised over $40 Million – Ep. 200

About This Episode:

In this very special 200th interview, I’m joined by Deniz Kent, the Co-Founder & CEO of Prolific Machines, a biotech company at the forefront of sustainable and healthy food.

Starting his career with notable research in cancer immunotherapy at the University of Bristol, Deniz has been recognized for his contributions to science, including winning the award for “outstanding contribution to research” while at GlaxoSmithKline focusing on asthma.

Deniz is a key player in cell production for agriculture, aiming to make cultured meat competitively priced against conventional farming.

With $42M+ in funding and support from people like Mark Cuban, Emily Ratajkowski, and Ciara to name just a few, Prolific Machines is redefining food sustainability and accessibility.

Full Audio:

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