Ferreck Dawn: Producer/DJ – Ep. 33

Freek Coppens, otherwise known as Ferreck Dawn, is a Dutch musician and DJ with millions of streams per month. Before COVID, he was touring the globe continuously.

In this episode, we talk about how he was able to achieve his goals by staying determined and never losing sight of what he wanted in life. It’s such an inspiring tale of triumphing against all odds.



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Ep. 33 – Ferreck Dawn Show Highlights

3:21 – “…for me, it all came down to perseverance and kind of sticking through it. But that’s kind of… the most important thing in my career probably is actually the discipline and and keep going and and learning by doing and improving by doing.”

5:45 – “You always know someone that knows someone that knows someone, so that’s kind of how it went and that’s just small gigs – opening slots, no money. But, you know, just great for building experience and growing and learning. But it’s definitely just people who know someone who knows someone who are looking for a DJ to open up the event.”

10:13 – “If I listen to the music I did back in the day, I definitely wasn’t good enough. But at that time, you think it is. But I said you learn by doing and you get more experience, then you hear stuff that you didn’t hear back then. So I did a lot of bad tunes. And then luckily this one did well.”

15:00 – “But the funny thing is, the better the career gets, the less rejection you run into. So in a way, once you kind of go over the hill, then it is getting a little bit easier.”

17:31 – “I worked at ID&T, which is a big event company. And I really enjoyed it. If I look back at it now, I feel like it’s one of the most exciting times of my life because, you know, the company was really cool and I really enjoyed having colleagues that were kind of like-minded people, travel the world with them. So it wasn’t like if the  DJ thing doesn’t work, my whole life falls apart.”

22:47 – “I think if people think ‘oh you’re a DJ, you’re playing for like ten thousand people every weekend and this and that.’ And of course, it is sometimes like that. But there’s also gigs that are like 10 people or, you know? And maybe that’s a good thing because then you’ll appreciate more when it is good and it’s going well.”

27:28 – “It’s still something that kind of sticks in my head that I’d like to produce one record a week. But, you know, I kind of let that go because I’d rather do one a year that’s a mega hit than fifty two that are just above average.”

35:16 – “You have just different musical taste, not everybody likes the same stuff. So that can happen. But overall, of course, I do want people to enjoy the music I do and like the sets I play. And that’s also important for the career. And the only way to move forward is for people actually enjoy what I’m doing instead of me being the only one who enjoys it.”

44:29 – “Work will beat talent every day if talent doesn’t work hard.”

47:41 – “That’s definitely a big downside of the whole thing. I love to spend time with my kids and my wife and everybody and just being around them. But, you know, on the other hand… I like traveling. I like doing gigs. And it’s all about balance.”

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