Gastón Paladini: What is Piggy Sooy? Turning Soy Into Pork at a molecular level – Ep. 198

About This Episode:

Can plants be more like meat, no really? In this episode, we’re spotlighting Moolec Science, a trailblazer in the food industry harnessing the power of Molecular Farming technology. Not sure what that is? Great! Because neither am I.

At the helm (and joining us today) is CEO and Co-Founder Gaston Paladini, who brings a wealth of experience from his 20-year tenure at Argentina’s meat production heavyweight, Paladini Group. Now Moolec Science aims to disrupt the food sector by infusing plants with animal protein genes. This company is crafting a novel category between plant-based and cell-based technologies—frankly it’s a wild concept I haven’t heard of before until right now.

Moolec Science is dedicated to creating food ingredients that merge the cost and environmental benefits of plant-based food with the taste and functionality of animal proteins. Basically, can you make soy beans taste and behave like pork?

Today, Moolec Science is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker “MLEC”. This idea is just so crazy, I had to explore it.

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