Gustavo Rubacha: Founder & CEO of LutiBand – Ep. 95

About Gustavo Rubacha, LutiBand & LutiKey:

Gustavo Rubacha is the CEO and Founder of LutiBand and LutiKey, two life-saving devices that he invented after having a heart attack at 37 that changed everything.

LutiBand is the world’s First smartest emergency Wearable. of its kind that helps you stay active, connected, safe, and healthy.  It is a state-of-the-art medical alert device that uses the most advanced technologies to keep people connected and aware of one another’s safety at all times.

Full Unedited Audio Conversation:

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2:03 – “I started doing software for retail stores at 17 years old, and I continue with this company until, I think, 27 years old. And then I started doing some software development for e-learning. When I had this [health] problem, I’m 37 years old, I started thinking, ‘okay, I have the tools to help other people, doing what I do, using technology and software to help other people.’ Why I can’t do that to help others to not have the same problem as I have? And also to prevent and give them tools for them, in case of an emergency, have something that helps them get the best care as possible.” 

5:52 – [On why life-threatening experiences can bring clarity] “You are in the breaking point that you start to evaluate what is important in life, other than the things you’d normally do. And you pay attention.” 

*7:21 – “When I started thinking about helping other people, the first thing I did was a medical ID device that includes some technology inside. And we started using NFC [near-field communication] to allow first responders or a doctor to access the medical information of the user in case of an emergency…And then we start adding on other things, and other technologies to new products. And this is what guided me to be on this new product that I think is a really good solution for people with pre-existing conditions and mainly for seniors, helping them to be active, independent and safe.” 

8:42 – “We started with…Endless ID. That’s the medical ID device. And then we add more technology and we created LutiKey, that it’s a Bluetooth tracker, but also including a medical ID inside. And now we have just launched a new product: LutiBand. It’s a smartwatch oriented for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions. On each program we add more technology to allow the user to be more independent from a phone.” 

12:54 – “I think it’s really important for anyone to do what they really love to do. But I know the reality of many people that don’t have any choice. So if they can do their own path, doing what they love, and, in the meantime, they have another job, I think it’s a good idea, but it’s really challenging. It’s not easy to create your own company. It’s not easy to grow the company and live with what we really really love to do. But I think the best thing for any people would be to work on something they really love to do, because it’s not a job.” 

15:28 – “We are focusing on seniors or people with pre-existing conditions – in an event of an emergency, maybe you don’t have the phone with you to initiate a call or initiate an alert that you need help. And this is, for us, what was the main challenge. How we can have a product that will be independent from any other device to be near or connected to these. This is the main reason we tried to do a smartwatch that have data connection and calling in the watch itself, to not require to be near or connected to a phone.”

*16:37 – “On our product, when the user have any type of emergency, they can press and call the smartwatch button and we will connect the user directly with the emergency services. And we have an integration with them to be able to send to the 911, the actual location of the person who is having an emergency. Also, we are measuring blood pressure, oxygen in blood, heart rate, and body temperature. And we share this information, at the moment of the emergency, with the 911. And also, we are sharing with them all the medical information of the user, like pre-existing conditions, allergy, medications they are taking, and all this information will help the emergency services to take care of the user the best way as possible.”

20:42 – “Now I am working with the next generation of this product because I think, always have room for improvement. And the technology, it’s growing. And I think always there are things to improve on the product.”

21:32 – “I really like what I do. It’s not challenging for me to wake up and start working. I work from 8am to 11pm, all days. And I really like what I do, and I really like trying to help others. It’s not hard for me but it’s challenging to bring a new product to market. It’s not easy, but I think it’s important to do it.” 

22:22 – “Normally I start the day speaking with suppliers and I end the day also speaking with suppliers, because of the difference on times. But during the day, I try to speak with customers. I like to speak with customers to know what they feel, what they think that the product have to be improved, what needs they have that we can solve. And obviously also working with the developers and I try to have a few hours a day to start to think about new products, new solutions.” 

28:30 – [On what to do if you try something and it isn’t successful] “It’s frustrating, but I think you have to continue because when you have something that you really think will help people, we have to continue. Sometimes you can fail, but always you learn something from the good and the bad. You have to take what you think will help you move forward. But you have to continue.” 

31:02 – “There are moments that you think or you feel that the solution or product that you are trying to do have to work. But maybe you don’t see what’s the reason it’s not working. And the main thing is try to find the reason and solve it because maybe it’s not your idea what is not working. Maybe it’s the way you are developing the idea to solve that problem. Maybe you have to change some things. But I think the most important thing is to get feedback from your potential users or customers.”

*32:16 – “The main reason to decide to focus on seniors was because I research about what’s the product on the market for seniors and what can we do best to help them. Because, again, I think most of the products on the market for seniors are products from another century. I can’t believe that they are still selling a button hanging on the neck…If you speak with the seniors, they don’t want to use that…They use them because they have to. Or maybe because their family members want them to use them but, for sure, they are not happy to go around with some button hanging on their neck.” 

*35:12 – (Ross) “Stress is one of those things that we don’t talk about very often. Certainly we glorify working more and more and more, working long hours, struggling harder. And for many of us, unfortunately, we need to in this country, we need to work harder. We don’t want to, but we don’t have a choice. Like you said, a lot of people don’t have a choice. It’s hard for people who are just getting by to think about that kind of stuff.” 

36:56 – “When you are doing something, part of this have to be to help others. For me, it’s an important thing. You always have to think that what you do helps other people. Because I think it’s part of any type of business, at some point have to solve a problem and help others.” 

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