Javeno Mclean: From Professional Cricketer to Gym Owner – Ep. 71

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About Javeno Mclean & J7 Health Centre:

Javeno Mclean is a former professional cricket player who changed everything about his life to become a professional trainer and gym owner.

His life is proof that our dream can come true and still leave us with a feeling of emptiness, and that helping others might be the thing we’ve been missing all along. Get ready to rethink everything with the energetic and charismatic Javeno Mclean, 2021 National Fitness Award Winner and 2X winner of gym of the year.

This episode is chock-full with one-liners and outstanding bits of wisdom, so be sure to unlock the show highlights below to get the most from Javeno’s insights!

Full Unedited Audio Conversation:

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2:02 – “What I do now is my is my true love. It’s not my first love. And I need to make that very clear. It’s my true love. It’s the gift that I’ve been blessed with.”

2:46 – “Professional sport… is not always what it seems. I fell in love with cricket and I played professional cricket. And it got to the point, without being big headed, I fell out of love with cricket because I was always the best athlete… I know that sounds really big headed, but I didn’t really get much from it.”

4:53 – “I started a class in Manchester, and it was me and one amazing, tremendous old lady called Brenda, who is still my queen to this day. She’s the only member of my gym who’s got a lifetime membership. For four months, it was me and Brenda, just nobody else.”

6:20 – “We had to go to another big high school where it went from 90—every Tuesday by myself, just little old me, by myself—to 140 people. And it was the busiest class in the whole of the United Kingdom. It was the busiest class in the whole of United Kingdom. And that came from this one little lady sticking and believing in what I did.”

8:21 – “I wanted a place that was one floor where everybody could be together.”

10:27 – “…from 13 years old, I lived the life of a professional athlete and I started saying, I want to live. I want to go. I want to do some beer ping pong. I want to take some shots. I want to live.”

10:58 – “…that was the turning point when I was in India. And I got to train these boys and these men… They were elite athletes. They were more experienced than me. …some of them were giants in cricket. Some of these people… they are megastars. They are megastars in cricket. Well, guess what? I wasn’t scared to say, “Yo, you owe me 20 burpees! You owe me 20 press-ups! And people were looking at me as if to say, how dare you speak to so-and-so? Because he’s this level of superstar. I said, I don’t give a damn. I said, I want them burpees. And the satisfaction that I got off, they understood that I wasn’t doing it to show my dominance. I was doing it because I want them to be better.”

13:23 – “I got more satisfaction from helping other people than myself.”

14:17 – “I think a lot of people, when they’re trying to go down a path, they think if that path doesn’t work out, they’ve failed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that. You could decide to go down a certain path and then you find yourself a little bit more and you realize the path that you chose isn’t for you. It doesn’t mean that you failed. It just means that you have to find a different path, a path that is more true to you. And I think a lot of young people will sometimes look at is as a failure.”

19:31 – “Even in India, I played in front of 15, 20,000 people. It wasn’t “oh I need that”. When I was alone, I really connected with what made me happy. And I think when you’re around certain people and lots of people, you might think happiness is a certain thing. Because I think the environment, the company that you keep may influence everything that’s going on. But when you’re truly by yourself and you think, “Well. What the hell’s going to make me happy right now? If I could press a magic button right this second, what would make me happy? And in my head it wasn’t being back on the cricket pitch, it was having a group of people to train and get in shape.”

24:34 – “If you chase money, you’ll never catch it.”

25:10 – “I said, listen. Whatever they pay me, I’m worth 50 times more. I may not get it in the first year or the second year, but the love that I’ve got for this, the gift I’ve got for this is never going to die out. If anything, it’s going to come like a tornado and get bigger and bigger. So you have to stick with me. And even if you don’t stick with me or believe in me, my belief in myself will fill up an arena.”

28:04 – “When you choose a different path, everybody is going to question and scrutinize and make you feel like you’ve done the wrong thing. Everyone. You’ve probably had it yourself… When you go down a different road, there’s so many people that are going to say Ross are you sure? Ross are you sure? Are you sure, Ross? Are you sure you don’t want to do this? Do that? And I think you need thick skin if you are going to beat the often path, you need crocodile skin. You need a thicker skin because people are going to just try and tear you down, because they will never see your vision like you see it.”

29:53 – “So when you come from poverty, you understand what it’s like to have nothing. So if I’m going to connect with you and be your friend, I don’t want a damn thing off you. I just want you to love me. I love you. And I know your story. I want you to know my story, my family. I want to know your story. So now that’s the approach I take to my my business.”

30:56 – “I started doing cancer rehab classes for cancer patients and disabled people. And I got to the point where I said, I’m not taking no money off you.”

38:41 – “Four years ago, when I first opened and the gym wasn’t thriving and bursting at the seams and I was still training disabled people, elderly people for free. Nobody said nothing then. So these are things where… you have to really have a thick skin and know know your purpose.”

48:55 – “I really think I’m gifted. And what I mean by that is I think someone’s gift is what a human can do extremely well with minimal effort. And I feel like my gift is what I do now because it’s easy. I find it fun. It’s enjoyable.”

54:47 – “You’re the most important thing. You have prioritize yourself. This is your life.”

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