John Vuong: Building an SEO Company from Scratch Ep. 28

John Vuong created an SEO company in Canada – before he knew anything about SEO. He worked in sales for many years before making the leap to business owner, starting a company and flying by the seat of his pants. Now, he’s thriving and built a successful team and business!

This story is so relevant to anyone looking to start a business, especially if they are unsure of the next steps to take. There’s so much inspiration in here and practical advice that I know you’ll appreciate.

There's a lot more you're missing.

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Ep. 28 – John Vuong

3:29 – “So you got to be good with your finances, understand all your revenue or salary – money in, money out – and make sure you put things away so that you can move further ahead in life. So that’s what I did. I got… to learn how to sell. So I took a lot of courses on Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy… Absorbing as much content as I can.” (edited) 

5:58 – “I had no technical background. I’m a sales rep. right? So my background was working with these business owners. I found there was a gap in the marketplace. People were spending more than ever in traditional advertising, frustrated, not getting good ROI. Users’ behavior was shifting to digital.”

9:15 – “I made a lot of mistakes, early days, but my strength was sales. So I went out there and sold. I got like ten clients in like a month or two. I was good at listening, asking questions, knowing/understand the gaps, probing and then uncovering what I discovered and offering a product or service that met their gaps, and people were paying me.”

12:34 – “I didn’t really pay myself at the beginning, because I didn’t think I deserved to pay myself because I didn’t know what I was doing yet.”

18:01 – “At the beginning, it was just walking in my neighborhood and pitching myself. Because people want to do business with people they can relate to and connect with.”

23:11 – “It was a lifestyle choice for me, because I knew if I wanted a family. I wanted to free up my time to be home and doing things I love doing.”

27:26 – “Resource is a big thing. Revenue, sales, profit… When you don’t have that, then it’s hard. But when you start building a buffer, then you can maybe pay a little bit less to yourself and you’re okay with it because it allows you more freedom to do things that you actually enjoy doing.”

39:16 – “It takes time to build yourself up as a leader.”

47: 05 – “I’m not selling. I want to really provide value. I want to partner with them so that they see what we’re all about.”

51:41 – “I think the biggest inspiration in my life, my parents left the Vietnam War and I was the fourth child of them coming here. I was the only one born in Canada. So they sacrificed everything to escape the war, to come to immigrate here and just to do that.”

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