Kara Hammer: Reporter for the Nashville Predators on Bally Sports – Ep. 31

Kara Hammer is a reporter for the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team on Bally Sports. When you discover how Kara stuck with a dream with single-minded focus, I know you are going to be as impressed with her story as I am.

We’ll learn how she worked her way up the food chain to a coveted spot as an NHL reporter, fulfilling a childhood dream. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for validation that yes, you CAN achieve what you set out to, as long as you approach your unusual path in the right way.

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Ep. 31 – Kara Hammer Show Highlights

3:46 – “So Joe left and they hired me to do his job, because that’s what happens when you work as a sportscaster in local television: people move and you kind of fill in these roles.”

6:45.- “I’ve never applied for a job, which I think is hard for people to believe, because everything has always been the right place at the right time and knowing the right person. And I’m very blessed because I love what I do every day.”

8:45 – “I thought at one point maybe I could make it on The Today Show, but after a year in news, I realized I’d probably better stick with sports.”

9:28 – “When you start in local television, you do everything. It’s more than just showing up and reading the news. I would do everything. I carried my own camera. I saw my own interviews. I would come back. I wrote my own stories. I edited my own tape. And then, you know, you kind of have maybe one producer that puts the whole show together, but really you’re doing everything, and then you would go on air and report it.”

15:28 – “I love that the story changes all the time. Each season, a storyline starts to develop and, I don’t know, I can’t even put it into words just how passionate I am about it. I just love the thrill that it brings.”

19:22 – “When we were in high school and you would write out ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ And remember those career path things we always had? I would always write that I’m going to be a sports broadcaster.”

22:40 – “You go from one station and you go to another station and then you just learn and you meet people. I was really lucky in Arizona; I worked with a group of women and I loved that because sports is very male dominated, obviously. So I really worked with a lot of women and I think that’s helped me in my career, being around successful, intelligent women, all very comfortable in their own skin, so I could learn to be that way.”

40:32 – “The first hate mail I ever got… the person said you should quit news and you should go be a realtor like everybody else in your industry that can’t make it. So I’ve always thought no matter what I do, I’m never going to be in realty.”

43:28 – “Know the people that you’re [working] with now, because a lot of these people are going to go on to be successful and you can use them when going forward.”

46:35 – “Probably the biggest lesson: trust in who you are, believe and who you are and if you want something, go get it.”

52:15 – “Just to be here… sometimes I’ll look around and I’ll think like, wow, I did it. I’m going to soak this moment up. I want to remember this moment forever.”

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