Khatantuul Zorig: The Intersection of Business, AI, Fashion, and Filmmaking – EP. 178

About This Episode:

Khat Zorig is an Investor at Innospark investing in AI/Robotics companies. She led/co-led investments in Neurable, Javelin, Encora, and she’s been an MIT-backed CEO/founder herself, all as a 1st generation Mongolian immigrant.

In short, Khat is one of the coolest, most inspiring people I’ve ever met.

She’s actively shaping neurotech, AR/VR, and even fashion, by merging her native Mongolian culture with the tech of tomorrow.

She’s a fashion designer making wild, futuristic east-meets-west clothing, and she envisions an optimistic future where AI will automate all of our mundane, repeatable tasks, leaving our brains and creativity to soar.

If you’ve listened to even one episode of this show by now, you’ll know how excited I am about this talk.

Full Audio:

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