Lori Tierney: Cycling for Charity After Retirement – Ep. 30

Lori Tierney worked for many years at one of the top language institutes in the Netherlands. When she retired, she was left with the question, as so many are, of what comes next?

Never one to back down from a challenge, she began a series of long-distance bike treks around the world – a journey that led her to set up a foundation in Kenya. Now she’s using her talents to make the world a better place, and her story contains deep wisdom on life and making big changes for anyone willing to hear it. 

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Ep. 30 – Lori Tierney Show Highlights

2:58 – “We think of talents, don’t we, as intelligence or being very clever or something. But it could just be peddling, peddling a bike, using your legs and off you go.”

4:42 – “Just this idea of slowing down, traveling, slowing down our lives, just looking at things from a completely different point of view and having the time. Because it’s just you and your bike and the sound of the tires on the road. And that’s all there is.”

8:52 – “I started off my own little company, a company called The Nomadic Educator, and I felt that it fit with me because ‘nomadic’ meaning I like to travel and teach.”

10:49 “I just feel that education is the way forward for many people to not so much a successful life, but at least to get a job and to get themselves out of poverty.”

17:51 – “I had lived in the Netherlands for 40 years. That’s quite a time. And I thought I could throw a big party, but I thought, no, what I’d like to do is I’d like to get to know the country – really get to know it – to embrace it, even. Well, it’s too big to cuddle. So I thought, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll cycle around it.”

20:13 – “That’s when an idea sort of gets it. It’s a seed in your head, isn’t it? And that’s what happens to me. And they’re quite dangerous things, because I think ‘well that’s a nice idea’. And then it becomes the seed starts to grow and then it starts to take form.”

28:24 – “You start to think, ‘oh my God, surely I could help’. I can do something, surely I can do something.”

34:26 – “It costs 10 euros a month to send a child to school, get educated. They also get breakfast and lunch, which feeds their bellies.”

40:04 – “So you’re retired or you’ve lost your job – could be for many reasons. Somehow you’ve kind of lost an identity because the success is gone. And it’s just rubbish. It’s absolute rubbish, because it’s there all the time, the identity and the success within yourself. So it’s letting go and realizing who you are, your own identity.”

46:51 – “The whole idea was to circumnavigate the planet on a shoestring. And we did this as well. But what was fascinating about the whole thing is when we got back, you realized that you didn’t need anything. You didn’t need all those things that you thought you needed.”

54:37 – “My advice would be, dare to take the plunge. Dare to jump off the edge. It’s never as deep as you think. It’s never shallow as you think. The water you jump into is never as hot or cold as you think.”

56:55 – “Go out and play in the rain, because in the rain you grow.”

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