Masami Sato, Founder of B1G1 – Ep. 73

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About Masami Sato & B1G1:

Masami Sato is one of the coolest people you’re likely to meet out there.

Seldom in my life have I had a conversation where I found myself so whole-heartedly agreeing with everything that was said. Masami has used her extensive life experience to build and improve a number of businesses, bringing care and humanity to everything she’s touched. 14 years ago, she got the brilliant idea to find a way to inject giving into EVERY company out there, creating here company B1G1. Through it, she makes it painfully easy for companies to do good, without drastically changing what they’ve been doing. She’s facilitated hundreds of millions in giving around the world and been recognized by major media and more.

Full Unedited Audio Conversation:

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2:51 – “So imagine a world where everything you do, turns into a positive impact and positive act in the world.”

3:34 – “It’s about the small, everyday action that can accumulate to create a big change.”

4:07 – “And making something habitual is more powerful than trying to do something just once off. So that’s the one kind of model, to enable every business to express that sense of purpose that they have.”

9:27 – “I eventually accepted and realized that sometimes, being able to just receive and appreciate, that is actually good enough.”

16:00 – “And then one day I just thought like, actually, this is crazy because we’re not doing anything, you know, five years later, we’re still growing business. The business is bigger, but we’re not doing anything. And then this simple idea came to me, you know, what if we just gave one meal for every meal we sold, and then we didn’t need to wait anymore.”

16:46 – “And then we could actually embed that sense of giving and caring in our product, and share that with our team, and say, you know, thank you for doing this.”

24:14 – “So when you start to do things, like through the genuine sense of caring, and in a kind of like, fun way or a gentle way or then actually there’s not much resistance.”

27:58 – “We didn’t have a much to promise, like features or a benefit so we just told the story and said, if you believe in this mission, then we want you to come in and join us and create this together.”

33:52 – “My own KPI is that every day I feel grateful. Every day I feel the sense of meaning, and every day I feel that I can support everybody else to feel that.”

35:09 – “I realized that the best form of giving, was when we had no expectation, like for self-benefit.”

37:16 – “I’ve seen a whole cycle of this how, like, somebody who received help then stand up to become the next to give back and that is really the magic and the power of it.”

39:44 – “The purpose of game is not to win, it’s not about you winning, the game’s purpose is to enjoy the game, and then to share that enjoyment with others.”

44:23 – “I think if people in business all recognize the power that they already have to do some form of good, then the world is going to become a very, very lovely place.”

48:49 – “I’m also mindful that it is actually not about me, because it’s about the people and businesses that supported this idea. They deserve the recognition like that, not me.”

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