Mike Loos: Aggregating Data to Create a “Digital Twin” for Faster Pharmaceuticals – Ep. 190

About This Episode:

Today’s episode feels like pure science fiction. What is a digital twin? How could this help us make better and faster pharmaceuticals? And why is that important? We know that there is so much data about us and our bodies and soon, our brains.

Is there a reality in which we can use data to remove human testing from the process of finding new drugs? How can we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand the data that we have?

If this feels like something with massive, profound implications for our future, you’re right. And I’ll be honest: I barely understand what any of this means.

That’s why we’re lucky that joining me right now is Mike Loos, the Vice President of Solution Architecture at TetraScience, a tech/bio company with over 100 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as customers.

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