Natalie Cola: Social Media Strategist for Goalcast – Ep. 21

Natalie Cola has managed the social media accounts of everyone from big-league DJs to record labels, and now she does social media for Goalcast, one of the most impressive media companies in the digital world.

If I’m not mistaken, Goalcast has some 44 million followers across all their channels, so suffice to say, Natalie knows what she’s doing!

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Ep. 21 – Natalie Cola Show Highlights

3:04 “And I remember when I had internet for the first time and the excitement around the dial up and like the phone line thing and how exciting that was.”

8:16 “Luckily I got a job teaching English to small children in a private school, and that worked out well. But again, I wasn’t happy. And my side hustle at the time was working with a web firm that – they were building webs for their clients. And all of a sudden at this time, their clients were asking them, what is this social media? Do I need it?”

12:02 “I remember the moment when we brought it [A State of Trance] to a million followers and the champagne – and that was, I think, my first taste of success in social media on a different scale, like a million followers is a big deal. It’s a really big deal.”

17:42 “I still worked within the music industry and I was still doing that and traveling to Europe and going to shows and things like that. So I thought, you know, this is the time for me to go back to freelance work and live that life because it’s great. It was great not to have a nine to five job and not to juggle many different projects.”

20:28 “I started to feel like there was something missing, like I wanted to be part of a team. The team was missing in my life.”

26:13 “When I joined the company [Goalcast], I realized that that was their video and it was something I had seen before and probably many of their videos before, but just didn’t make the connection.”

35:55 “I have more confidence. I believe in myself. And that’s a big one. I think… a lot of us probably may not have the confidence or we have a lot of negative self talk and things like that – I know for sure I did. Am I good enough? Am I worthy? All those things. And this has changed for me. I surround myself with good people, but I also work with good people.”

49:26 “The teaser is the easiest way to do it, especially when we have new content, because if people want to watch it, they will. I’ve also tested posting the teaser and then posting the video in parts.”

42:47 “The advice I would give to anyone, whether they’re in social media or whatever job they’re doing that they’re passionate about, find a place where you can experiment, find a place where you can continually fail and continually learn from that and apply that learning to the next thing so that you can next level that.”

55:58 “It’s always about the content. If the content is good, it will perform, and we don’t have to pay for it. You shouldn’t have to if your content is good. That’s what I believe.”

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