Nicki Driscoll, PhD: Next-Generation Brain Implants as Thin as a Human Hair – Ep. 186

About This Episode:

Nicki Driscoll, PhD is a post-doc researcher at MIT, and CTO of NeuroBionics, a company that has developed a new kind of neural interface using microscale, flexible, bioelectronic fibers that seamlessly integrate with the body.

Have you ever seen a fiber optic cable? Imagine a tiny strand that is as thin as a human hair. Each fiber integrates a range of functions, such as electrical, chemical, and optical capabilities to sense and modulate the biological environment.

This gives us unprecedented access into the “symphony” of a properly functioning brain (something we’ll talk about later that is ultra ultra cool…) and also a better understanding of the brain when it’s not functioning properly. This is the kind of stuff the sci-fi future is made of, so buckle up!

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