Nicola Cavanagh: From Corporate Director to Entrepreneur and Bodybuilder – Ep. 35

Nicola Cavanagh had her life all planned out. She was succeeding in the corporate world, she fought hard to attain that coveted “director” status. But the further she climbed, the more she realized the corporate world wasn’t for her. So she set out on her own to build her own recruitment company.

Oh – did I mention she also became a medal-winning bodybuilder? We talk about that critical moment when a person decides “enough is enough” and sets out on their own. If you’ve considered making the leap, this episode is for you.

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Ep. 35 – Nicola Cavanagh Show Highlights

2:02 – “I lost direction massively towards my late thirties, and then I had a bit of a light bulb moment and I opened my own business, got divorced and took bodybuilding all literally in the space of a year.”

5:20 “I was probably never right for the environment. I don’t like the politics of it. I don’t like the insincerity of a lot of it. I don’t particularly enjoy selling someone else’s products.”

13:49 – “{Entrepreneurship is] very, very tough. And it’s not for the faint-hearted… I have been for quite a while literally out on my own with two children, no money, no childcare support, trying to get a business together. And there have been many times when I’ve thought I’m literally going to go and get a job in a supermarket.”

16:01 – “One of the things I’ve learned about myself through the process is that I am a really tenacious and I have a lot of resilience. And I think that is key to running your own business, whatever it is.”  <— use this for quote card!!!!

20:11 – “I spent years in a sales environment where I’ve done business plans for clients, but applying that knowledge to your own life and your own business is really hard. It’s really hard because self-doubt creeps in all the time.”

22:15 – “I set up a recruitment company specializing in FMCG, so Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which is the industry I’ve always worked in.”

25:52 – “You have to develop a really thick skin. And if you don’t have one, develop one pretty quickly, because you will need it.”

38:50 – “If I have a busy recruitment campaign, I will put in the hours and I work till midnight or 1:00 a.m. maybe three or four nights running, because I need to get something done, I’ll do it. I wouldn’t do that ongoing, because I’ll burn out. I need to have that time at the gym.”

43:21 – “Follow what you want to do. Don’t don’t not do it because you’re worried. Don’t put blockers in the way, but also go into it sensibly, which I don’t know if I did. And financially, make sure that you’ve got enough money behind yourself to support yourself for a period of time.”

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