Niklas Kluger: Ingenious Rock Powder that Regenerates Soil and Removes CO₂ from the Atmosphere! – Ep. 197

About This Episode:

Today we’ll embark on a journey of innovation and environmental impact with Niklas Kluger, co-founder and COO of InPlanet. We’ll learn how this GreenTech pioneer, with a rich background in environmental engineering and tropical agriculture, is revolutionizing carbon dioxide removal.

From scaling urban farming globally to pioneering something I had never heard of called “Enhanced Rock Weathering” in Brazil, Niklas is at the forefront of combating climate change and regenerating tropical soils. Their rock powder is able to remove CO2 while regenerating soil, two vitally important things for our sustainable future on this planet.

So let’s explore InPlanet’s mission to create a carbon-neutral future, one gigaton at a time.

Full Audio:

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