Pablo Navarro: Building a $26 Million VC Fund in Colombia – EP. 177

About This Episode:

Joining us today is Pablo Navarro, a former college classmate of mine. I’ve kept up with Pablo’s adventures since graduation what seems like forever ago, and I’ve come to realize that his journey is so profound.

He grew up in Columbia and worked his way up to an MBA at Dartmouth.

He took his knowledge and applied it to start-ups and non-profits in San Francisco, but here’s where things get interesting: he moved back to Columbia to become an angel investor, recognizing that the Columbian start-up community was underserved.

He co-founded a $26 million venture capital fund, which is just such a cool idea.

Now he has founded Cocora, a platform that connects leaders in Latin America to coaches, and he’s passionate about transforming the business climate of his home country and beyond.

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