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I celebrate people and organizations that deserve attention.

Unusual times call for unusual success stories...

On the Beat the Often Path podcast, I share a different kind of success story - stories that will help you think outside the box and redefine success. I firmly believe that the traditional paths we've been taught no longer apply to the new world.


Olugbenga Olubanjo: Founder & CEO of Reeddi - EP. 140
Saoud Khalifah: CEO, CTO & Founder of Fakespot - Ep. 139
Ep. 138 - Kathy Hannun: Founder & President of Dandelion Energy
Mike Pappas: Co-Founder & CEO of - Ep. 137
Anna Luisa Beserra Santos: CEO of Sustainable Development and Water for All - Ep. 136
Carrie Chan: Co-Founder & CEO of Avant Meats - Ep. 135
Shiloh Johnson: Founder & CEO of ComplYant - Ep. 134
Ep. 133 - Stefan Ytterborn: CEO & Co-Founder of CAKE
Ep. 132 - Tessa Callaghan: Co-Founder & CEO of Keel Labs

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