Beat the Often Path (BTOP) Podcast by Ross Palmer

Beat the Often Path® Podcast


Unusual times call for unusual success stories!

On this podcast, I share a different kind of success story - stories that will help you think outside the box and redefine success. I firmly believe that the traditional paths of success are broken and no longer apply to the new world.

I also believe that we need to redefine success to mean something other than just "made a lot of money". I seek out remarkable people who have attained fulfillment in a non-traditional way.

Latest Episode:


Ep. 62 - Jamey Mossengren: Professional Unicycling Unicorn
Ep. 61 - Kyle Grant, Founder of Oxwash
Ep. 60 - Harrison Broadhurst & Chris Rännefors, Co-Founders of BatBNB
Ep. 59 - Ryan Mckenzie: Co-Founder at Tru Earth
Inventor & 21st Century Rennaissance Woman, Ann Makosinski - Ep. 58
Ep. 57 - Ben Christensen: CEO/Founder of Cambium Carbon
Ep. 55 - Isabel Medem: Disrupting Sanitation with a Waterless Toilet
Ep. 54 - Andrew Tarvin: Humor That Works
Ep. 53 - Debra Fine: Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker on "Small Talk"
Ep. 52 - Wearable Neurotechnology with Dr. Ramses Alcaide
Ep. 51 - Celia Pool: Creator of Award-winning Period Products
Ep. 50 - 50th Episode Spectacular!!
Ep. 49 - Catalin Voss: Using Machine Learning Start-ups to Solve Global Issues
Ep. 48 - Becca Hume: Founder of TapSOS, Helping People with Disabilities in Emergencies
Ep. 47 - The Game-changer of Urban Beekeeping
Ep. 46 - Babar Ali: How He Brought Education to Rural India at 9 Years Old
Ep. 45 - Aaron Baker: Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist
Ep. 44 - Mitch Schols: Creator of Biodegradable Golf Balls
Ep. 43 - Lisa Lindahl: Inventor of the Sports Bra, Writer & Activist
Ep. 42 - Ben Stern: CEO/Founder of Nohbo Inc.
Ep. 41 - Sharon Rowe: Founder of ECOBAGS
Remote Working: State of the Onion
Ep. 39 - Leah Bonnema: Stand-up Comedian and Writer
Ep. 38 - Vidjay Beerepoot: Composer for Disney and More
Ep. 37 - Season 3 Highlights
Ep. 36 - Vikrant Shaurya: Creator of
Ep. 35 - Nicola Cavanagh: From Corporate Director to Entrepreneur & Bodybuilder
Ep. 34 - Spencer Kitson: Creative Turned Entrepreneur
Ep. 33 - Freek Coppens: DJ/Producer Ferreck Dawn
Ep. 32 - Why I Created This Podcast
Ep. 31 - Kara Hammer: Reporter for the Nashville Predators on Bally Sports
Ep. 30 - Lori Tierney: Biking the World for Charity
Ep. 26 - Chongor Goncz: On Building an Award-winning YouTube Show
Ep. 25 - Will Boyajian: Founder of
Ep. 24 - Joshua Torrans: General Manager for
Ep. 23 - Kendra Richardson: Funky Town Fridge
Ep. 22 - Benton Crane: CEO of Harmon Brothers
Ep. 21 - Natalie Cola: Social Media Strategist

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