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I celebrate people and organizations that deserve attention.

Unusual times call for unusual success stories...

On the Beat the Often Path podcast, I share a different kind of success story - stories that will help you think outside the box and redefine success. I firmly believe that the traditional paths we've been taught no longer apply to the new world.

I also believe that we need to redefine success to mean something other than just "made a lot of money". If you heed the advice from these remarkable people—all of whom have found real success on their own terms—you'll be able to better find your own, weird, whacky, blissful career.


Ellen Windemuth & WaterBear Network
Jacob Flood: CEO & Founder of Eno (Enophone)
Edwardo Del Signore: Grammy-Nominated Musician Using Music to Visualize Climate Change - Ep. 122
Ep. 121 - Taylor McCarten: Founder of BinBreeze
Jacob Pechenik: Co-founder of Lettuce Grow [Interview]
Raffael Jovine: Founder and Chief Scientist of Brilliant Planet
Tom Green: Can Special Sand Capture Carbon?
Erick Went: CTO of Genesis Systems & Dr. Venkat Kode
Max Rye: Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of TurtleTree Fermented “Milk”

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