Ramiro Velasco: Is Amazon Latin America a “Blue Ocean”? (For Lovers of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes!) – Ep. 194

About This Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about Blue Oceans and Red Oceans, a concept talked about in Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne, W. Chan Kim. Broadly speaking, a “blue ocean” is uncontested market space—something that no one else is really doing, like Cirque Du Soleil when they first started. Compare that with a “red ocean”, or a supersaturated market in which you’re unlikely to succeed, like me selling you my NFTs of my head spliced onto Ryan Reynold’s body for the low low price of just 2 ETH!

Joining us today is Ramiro Velasco, President and Co-Founder of GoAvance, a company that specializes in Amazon e-commerce but specifically in Latin America. The reason I wanted to do this show is because we tend to think only of opportunity in the country we live in. But perhaps, if certain techniques no longer work in your country, the blue ocean is applying those ideas to a different market, in this case, Mexico. I try to expand your ideas of what’s possible with this show, and maybe moving to Mexico and setting up shop there is exactly what you should do to find your own, uncharted waters.

We’ll talk about practical tips for selling on Amazon in any country and also some general trends in marketing and ecommerce—this is especially relevant if you’ve ever wanted to sell something online.

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