Raven Faber: Should We Discuss Important Issues on our Social Media? – Ep. 17

Raven Faber is the founder of an increasingly-successful CannaSexTech company, with several national distributors. Watching her entrepreneurial journey has been an inspiration!

Recently, I asked: “With so much crazy s*** happening in the world, should we speak up on social media or not?⁠” This episode is her response.

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Ep. 17 – Raven Faber #2 Show Highlights

1:14 – “So it’s really exciting… but it’s very stressful, too, because we’ve hit that that point – that tipping point where we officially have more demand than we do inventory.”

9:21 – “I’m not I’m not going to mince words. June was a very difficult month for me. It was a very difficult month for black people everywhere. And it was very painful. It was very hard for me to focus.”

11:44 – “For the people that can kind of slide under the radar and not draw any negative attention just by keeping their mouth shut, how fortunate for them. How fortunate for them that that’s all that they have to do.”

14:41 – “Making your people of color, your black employees aware that, ‘Hey, we’re checking in. We’re aware – are you OK?’ Letting your black clientele, your clientele that are people of color, [be] aware: ’Hey, we see you. We see you, and we know that you’re hurting. Are you all right?”

18:32 – “If you already know what you stand for and you are confident in that and you’re unapologetic about that as a person, business owner, professional, as a business… it’s really not that hard to figure out how you can support, because you’re already asking the right questions and you’re doing hard work.”

21:02 – “I mean, the first thing we’ve got to remember is holding space for other people and practicing empathy for other people, you know? Saying, ’hey, I know you’re going through a hard time and I know black people are hurting right now and that really, really sucks. But the bottom line? Well, that’s not empathy. That doesn’t show that you really care.”

35:07 – “Are you willing to speak up and stand for what is right when nobody’s looking? Are you willing to do that in defense of the people of color that work for you? Are you willing to do that in defense of the people of color who shop with you?”

38:31 – “I really, really do respect the struggle, because I’m part of it. We need people who sit in the seat of power, who have the influence and have the resources to help level the playing field and bring more equity into the world of business, into startup culture, what have you. We need them to step up and work.”

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