Robin Simsa: The Genius of 3D-Printed Vegan “Salmon” Filets – Ep. 187

About This Episode:

Robin Simsa is the CEO of Revo Foods, the first company to sell 3D printed, vegan “salmon” filets – already available all over Europe.

They’re making 100% plant-based seafood to reduce overfishing and relieve pressure on our marine ecosystem.

Robin himself has a PhD in biotech from the university of Gothenburg and Tufts University, and he was also nominated to Forbes 30 Under 30.

3D printing food is one of those exciting or terrifying ideas depending on your perspective, especially if “it’s people!” is still ringing through your brain and you’re worried about a Soylent Green future. However, I see technologies like this as a necessary step towards our evolution as a species, which is why I’m so excited about this episode and I’m not the only one; investors have already poured up to $400 million into alternative seafood start-ups in recent years, including over $7 million into Revo Foods.

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