Ryan Field: Ingenious Tech Revolutionizing Neuroscience and Neuromedicine – Ep. 191

About This Episode:

What if a brain scan was a part of our regular checkup? What if we could detect and prevent diseases like dementia far in advance, with non-invasive tech? Something as simple as just putting on a bicycle helmet? Could we accelerate treatment discovery? Improve patient outcomes? And transform neuromedicine?

Joining us today is the CEO of Kernel, a company based here in Los Angeles that is up to out-of-this world stuff.

I was lucky enough to visit their offices, and their tech is truly game-changing. I’ve even tried it on!

Ryan Field is an inventor with more than 20 granted US patents, and Kernel has received over $150 million in funding and counting. Buckle up for an awesome episode.

Full Audio:


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