Saman Farid: Legendary AI Investor and CEO of Formic Technologies Talks Building the Future of Robotic Automation – Ep. 196

About This Episode:

Saman Farid is the CEO and founder of Formic Technologies, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing automation in manufacturing. With a passionate commitment to boosting productivity in U.S. industries, his company Formic, specializes in offering cutting-edge robotic solutions that elegantly simplify automation.

These versatile robots not only streamline the packing and palletizing processes but also contribute to the production of a diverse range of products, from delightful chocolate chip cookies to specialty chemicals.

Saman’s journey in the tech and robotics realm is marked by significant achievements, including founding Comet Labs, an AI-focused investment fund and incubator. He also ran the global investment fund at Baidu Ventures focusing on AI, Machine Learning, and its effects on the way we work and live, so it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about in this space.

His expertise and enthusiasm for technology have led him to invest in and guide over 25 businesses in robotics, AI, and technology. A childhood fascination with robots, coupled with his later study of automation and breakthroughs in AI, propelled him to establish Formic in 2020, a company that has since garnered over $30M in funding and numerous accolades such as FAST Company’s 2023 “Most Innovative Companies” Award.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Saman is deeply invested in youth empowerment and actively supports technology education through local non-profits.

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