Spencer Kitson: From Creative to Entrepreneur – Ep. 34

When I started this podcast… Spencer Kitson was exactly the type of person I was hoping to find.

You’ll notice that this is one of the longer episodes we’ve had on this podcast, because this South African man hasn’t just lived one story, he’s lived four or five. He built a career in music from the ground up, then completely switched gears to get into mining and mineral trading. But that was just the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey… Truly this is a fascinating tale that almost defies belief… It’s like the story you’d find in a movie, but it’s proof of all the many different “seasons” one life can have.


Ep. 34 – Spencer Kitson Show Highlights

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11:20 – “Eventually I kind of got sort of mixed up with the wrong things… burnout, you know, the amount of demand in the hours operating a studio… We were eventually running almost 24/7.”

19:57 – “My mind wasn’t really business inclined at that time. So it was kind of really just hand to mouth. A lot of the time we didn’t have money management skills.”

23:06 – “One day when you just wake up and you kind of look at yourself and you think, well. Number one who am I and what am I doing? You know, it’s a bit of a scary question, and not even at the same time we’ll see that or feel that. But when you do, you all of a sudden realize — it doesn’t involve anyone else at that point. It’s it’s almost like a survival thing.”

32:28 – “So I thought, well, jeez, if he’s made so much money in minerals, surely I can make something.”

33:46 – “I think we literally went and we bought food parcels and we stacked my car with a bunch of stuff we could give away to people. And we drove off into one of the neighboring countries, Lesotho, because apparently they get diamonds.”

39:52 – “[Our] region has about 83.6% of all the chrome reserves in the world. So I kind of figured, like, wow, OK, so this is definitely something that… I wouldn’t be competing against a lot of countries. Let me give this a go. So start out by just driving to mines, learning mineral groups and understanding like what these minerals were. And bear in mind, I hadn’t even learned business at this point.”

43:11 will be the teaser video for tiktok and social

48:07 – “I started just by searching online. I wasn’t finding anything. So eventually I think I reached out to one of the companies that does all the pricing, and I built a relationship with them. And through their network and my relationship with the [Chinese] people… I was fortunate enough to be able to tie some deals together.” (editado) 

59:05 – “I did business management, financial accounting. I did some legal studies all alone. And then I started trying to build additional businesses, so while I had this [mining business] running in the back, I started looking into other businesses.”

1:16:00 – “I think one of the greatest takeaways that I could give or share to anyone is don’t be afraid to explore. I’d reach certain areas in the paths that I’ve chosen and though I had done a lot and experienced a lot, there were certain times where I was not happy. And because of the success, I’d kind of hit that crossroad, where, like, do I leave this? To seek happiness?”

1:23:00 – “I think the best thing that I could ever say to someone is: if you are unhappy, don’t be scared to jump and learn something new, no matter how old you are or what your background is. Because you could go from being that person sitting in a bedroom with no opportunity, and you could transition yourself into being the next Elon Musk.”

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