Tom Frazier: What is “Edge Computing” and How Do We Make It Sustainable? – Ep. 189

About This Episode:

Tom Frazier is the co-founder and CEO of Redivider, a company that is making sustainable & responsible edge computing.

But first, what is edge computing? You might not realize it, but every single device you use and every single platform you interact with is storing massive amounts of data somewhere. And the farther away from you physically these data centers are the more inefficient and unsustainable they become.

Edge computing is the idea that we should keep the source of our data closer to where we’re physically located, which is no easy task.

In theory, this could help us be more sustainable, more efficient, and more secure in a world where our data is floating around everywhere, and can easily fall into the wrong hands.

Now this is one of those subjects that is extremely timely, especially as we march headfirst into a future that is entirely digital.

Redivider builds modular, smaller facilities, and diverse locations which enables faster data processing and increased to capacity, and they’re also focused on improving sustainability, because their modular solutions are hydrogen powered.

This episode falls into the category of something that humanity desperately needs, but we don’t necessarily know we do yet, and that’s why I’m so excited to share this conversation with you today.

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