Travis Rosbach: The Inventor of Hydro Flask® Shares Decades of Business Wisdom – Ep. 188

About This Episode:

Do you know those water bottles you’ve seen everywhere? Every single time you go to the airport, it seems like every single person has one? Well, it turns out that that’s called the Hydro Flask, and it was invented by Travis Rosbach.

Today we are going to discuss the unlikely journey and strange path of a true entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Prior to founding his first company, Travis was a SCUBA dive master, a US Merchant Marine Boat Captain, and a commercial airline pilot in addition to being a world explorer.

And yet somehow he ended up inventing what would go on to become one of the world’s most successful eco-friendly consumer products.

He since sold that company and has helped countless others as an advisor, so his advice is something that we all should take very seriously.

Brace yourself for truly enjoyable conversation with somebody I deeply respect.

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