Vikrant Shaurya: How to Write a Bestseller – Ep. 36

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Once upon a time, Vikrant was down to his last dollar. He wrote several books—even though he doesn’t consider himself a writer—trying to get a bestseller. From there the idea was born to create an “angel writing” service for people who want to create a bestselling book but aren’t writers, and that idea has blossomed into a successful business for him.

This episode talks about what it takes to sell a book if you want to make one, and we also talk about how he created a successful business.

Episode Highlights:

2:04 – “I wrote the first book within twenty one days and when I published it, the first royalty was around $27. And of course it was kind of a big deal for me. And I then wrote another book in three days and made around $440.”

4:36 – “I want you to imagine the situation where I am living in a one-room apartment, searching online how to make money online with zero investment, because I had no money. Nothing to spend on my business. Of course, I was completely broke and I was in financial debt. My landlord used to call me every day for rent, and I didn’t have the money to pay the rent. So I had nothing to do at all. So I discovered self publishing on Google, that I can make some money from there.”

8:49 – “Once I start making some money with my books, which were under my pen name, then I started hiring some ghostwriters. Of course, I built a relationship with some ghostwriters.”

12:16 – “To hit the number one bestseller on New York Times, you have to get around fifteen thousand to twenty thousand sales in a week.”

15:56 – “You have to write a really great book which really involves some kind of a solution, some kind of a problem for readers. And once you do that, then comes the positioning.”

17:56 – “…go to Ingram Spark is a platform which has the world’s best distribution channel.”

28:36 – “10 years ago, I was in college—in an engineering college—and I read this book by Robert Kiyosaki called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and it completely changed my perception about finance and life.”

35:10 – “There are two types of profitability: How big the audience is for for the book, and how much money you can make on the backend.”

39:50 – “If you are just starting out, your primary intention should be making money. And you don’t have to focus on who can I hire?”

44:21 – “You have to make your business system dependent, not people dependent. …for every everything which is going on in your team—every operation—you have to document that.”

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