I'm a future optimist.

Will our technology save us, or will we code ourselves into oblivion? How do we stay focused on what really matters in a world of noise, noise, NOISE?

I seek out the people and organizations actively making the world a better place, and either help them with my agency/consulting or showcase them on my podcast.

Ross Palmer - Beat the Often Path

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I'm an Ethical Marketer.

I believe that it's good to be weird and that we should celebrate living outside the box. I think marketers and storytellers have a responsibility to choose which stories are worth amplifying. That's why I help companies and people who deserve extra attention share their stories.

I Teach.

I've taught over 25,000 people on Udemy how to improve their lives using technology. My courses are best-sellers and/or the highest rated in their category. I love connecting with people from around the world.

I Share.

The vast majority of value I provide is and always will be free. I believe in the democratization of information on the internet, and giving freely is my default state. I share stories that make the world better.

I Build.

In 2016 I started my digital marketing agency, Aloa® Agency, where I help ethical organizations grow. I've helped national non-profits and publicly-traded companies with ~9 figures of revenue.

Need Advice?

I offer one-on-one or small group sessions virtually via Zoom. In this setting, I can give you personalized feedback. I'm also a keynote speaker for hire and do in-company training on a variety of topics related to digital marketing and storytelling in the modern age.*

(*sense of humor included at no extra charge.)

My Story

I have always had a passion for cutting-edge technology, knowledge, and creative expression.

At the age of 11, I started programming Z80 assembly language on my TI-83 calculator while listening to electronic music religiously, watching The Simpsons, and speed-solving Rubik’s Cubes (personal best avg. of 15.75 seconds!). I became a vegan 10+ years ago and now eat a mostly (but not totally) plant-based diet. In short, I've never fit in. I seek out and celebrate people who have succeeded in highly unusual ways and who care about our planet.

My work is at the intersection of philosophy, humor, business, and technology.

Stop thinking and start buying... this course is easily worth $500. Ross is a great instructor, and this course really does very quickly get you from 0 to skilled. It is a comprehensive start, has everything you’re looking for and need to learn to do and actually get yourself to a reasonably high level. Ross doesn’t hold back, and teaches everything here.

Dimitriy K.

Years of knowledge and expertise distilled into a really well structured and even better explained course. Ross is an excellent instructor.

Juan G.

Excellent as usual. I like the simplicity of his courses. You can tell he is really passionate about what he is doing. Thanks Ross!

Sam S.

Love Ross's courses. He provides very clear instructions and covers lots of important topics while keeping it engaging. This is my second course by Ross that I've bought in 2 weeks, easily one of the best investments I've made!

Kevin S.

Highly recommended,  the price is nothing comparing to the time you might spend on YouTube looking for the right tutorials, and the way he teaches is really easy to follow.

Qi Y.

Ross Palmer has been a very engaging teacher with superb attention to details and an amazing speed answering questions online. I have taken all three courses he is giving on music because he has what it takes to push you in the unknown and after hours making it very clear and well known so you can jump in with confidence.

Ahmad T.

Ross is excellent teacher, easy to follow yet deep enough. I just bought my first equipment and I’m following his advice to practice each day and enjoying it every time.

Jiri P.

And once again, another great course by Ross Palmer!

I have been learning music theory, production, DJing etc for this past year and your courses are some of the easiest to follow.

This course showed some really cool insight on how to make mashups - you just make everything seem so simple and straightforward which makes me that much more eager to put into practice. Love your teaching style and authentic self! Thank you for all of your time and energy that goes into making these to help us out on our journey 🙂

Adina N.

I've finally managed to finish the entire course, and I can say with certainty that it's incredible. Ross is great at explaining and breaking down both basic and high-level concepts and builds on them in a step-by-step, logical way.

Jamie M.

So detailed and helpful. Look forward to every lesson.

Jade O.

It is a very well thought through course with good explanations and cool demonstrations. I think you can get to a decent level from being a complete beginner by completing this course, if you put in the practice and effort. Strongly recommended.

Tamas A.

This tutorial is full of incredibly detailed and intimate narration. I've never heard of these techniques before, and you deserve much more for your labor. Thanks a lot Ross Palmer...

Eren D.

I like how he inspires people on tackling something new that may be intimidating, well done.

Miguel P.

This is a super comprehensive course. I love everything about it! Finally something has triggered my interest and keeps me motivated to practice. Thank you so much Ross, you are f-in a!

Guy B.

An amazing teacher! Very honest by his knowledge! I will definitely subscribe other courses by Ross.

Thank you Ross, please share more courses in the future!

Amin S.

Increíble curso, perfectamente bien estructurado y explicado.

Muchas gracias Ross!

Thania O.

I like how Ross explains everything technically but he also explains things how they are in reality and getting outside that comfort zone. Thanks Ross.

Krzysztof F.

Great course! Highly recommended to anyone!

A lot of theoretical and practical knowledge combined with good sense of humor.

Magda Z.

The content is delivered in an upbeat, concise manner at a speed that's easy to follow. Ross Palmer is a genuinely good tutor, thanks Ross!

Kevin K.

This is the second of Ross's courses that I have completed. If you want a full course with all the added extra's then this is the one for you.

Wayne D.

I'm super satisfied with this course. Ross is a great teacher, and this is not the first of his courses that I've purchased. Everything is very applicable immediately and he obviously wants to help people improve their skills. Thanks Ross!

Cam P.

Let Me Help You level-up your creative expression through technology

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